Embryology Staff

Our Embryology Staff supports the USC Fertility Doctors with Cutting Edge IVF and Egg Freezing Technology


Embryology is a science practiced by many, but perfected by few. At USC Fertility, our patients have benefited from the vast experience and capabilities of our embryology team. They contribute to both the ever-increasing USC Fertility success rates as well as to the pioneering research studies conducted at USC Fertility such as the breakthrough egg freezing successes of the program.

  • Ali Ahmady, PhD, HCLD -Lab Director

  • Michelle Scrooc, RD -Embryologist
    Michelle first started at USC in 1987. After a prolonged absence, she re-joined the program in 2002. She is an expert in all aspects of embryology and has particular expertise in micromanipulation.

  • Nahaleh Salvatian, MS -Embryologist

  • Katie Rhodes-Long, MS -Embryologist
    Katie joined the USC Fertility team in 2015. She completed her Master’s program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo researching embryonic metabolism and epigenetic changes that occur after cryopreservation. She is highly skilled in all aspects of gamete manipulation.